Scott Sullivan Elected Arkansas Cattlemen’s Association President

Scott Sullivan, a native of Sevier County, has been elected Arkansas Cattleman’s Association President. He and his wife, Sherry Beaty-Sullivan run a registered Hereford and commercial operation. He is no stranger to the agriculture industry as a 4th generation cattle producer that grew up in 4H, FFA and then studied Agricultural Business at Southern Arkansas University.

Hard work is not something Scott shys away from. At the age of 9 his father asked him to stop playing baseball and go help his grandfather on the ranch during the summers. This solidified his love for the industry and his end goal of making a living on the ranch.

Scott is actively involved in his community and the agriculture industry serving on numerous boards in addition to the ACA, including Farm Credit and the American Hereford Association. We’re grateful for his leadership and excited for the coming year!

One of the reasons he encourages people to be a member of the ACA is the legislative representation we provide for cattle producers.

“There are fewer and fewer elected officials that have any background in farming and ranching and the ACA helps educate our elected officials on issues that can negatively impact your operation. The ACA also brings a positive legislative agenda to our elected officials to insure they know the needs we have as producers,” said Sullivan.

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