Sunbelt Ag Expo’s Farm Family Judging 2023.

The Cobb, Lyerly and Owen family/partnership was awarded the 2021 Arkansas Farm Family of the Year. Today, they met with representatives from the Sunbelt Ag Expo for judging of the 2023 Southeast Farm Family of the Year.

Cobb Farms of Lake City is a partnership enterprise that began over fifty years ago. Today, on a total of 4,500 acres (2,500 rented and 2,000 owned), it grows row crops, produce, and show pigs. Three entities make up the partnership: 1) Steve Cobb and Family is a leading show-pig operation that produces 1,000+ show pigs a year as well as breeding stock for club pig production. 2) Cane Island Farms oversee the row crops of corn, cotton, and peanuts. 3) The Cane Island Produce branch grows vegetables, specializing in year-round greenhouse tomatoes.

In addition, Circle L Farms handles all of Cane Island Farm’s trucking needs as well as Steve Cobb and Family’s grain hauling. The company runs eight trucks daily and helps out local brokers as well.

Read more about them from Sunbelt Ag Expo here or watch our latest video to learn more.