USDA to kick off the National Agricultural Classification Survey

Already preparing for the 2027 Census of Agriculture, USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will conduct the National Agricultural Classification Survey (NACS) starting Jan. 24. The survey, an important step in determining who should receive a 2027 Census of Agriculture questionnaire, will go to approximately 250,000 recipients to ask if they conduct agricultural activity. The results of the survey will ensure that every U.S. producer, no matter how large or small their operation, has a voice and is counted in the highly anticipated and influential agricultural census data.  

“This survey helps illustrate the breadth of American agriculture and enables USDA to get a complete count of all farmers and ranchers,” said NASS Administrator Hubert Hamer. “Every response matters. Even if a recipient believes that the survey does not apply to them, we ask that they respond to the few screening questions.”   

NASS encourages recipients to respond securely online at, using the unique survey code mailed with the survey. Completed questionnaires may also be mailed back in the prepaid envelope provided. NASS requests that each person who receives the survey respond promptly.

“The NACS ensures that everyone who produces and sells, or normally would sell, $1000 or more of agricultural products in a calendar year are represented in these vital data,” said Hamer. 

Referenced by countless national, state, and local decision-makers, researchers, farm organizations, and more, the once-every-five-year Census of Agriculture remains the most comprehensive source of data on American agriculture. The data tell the story of American farmers, ranchers, and growers over time, and inform agricultural policies and programs that impact operations across America. USDA will release the 2022 Census of Agriculture data in February 2024.

If a producer did not receive the 2022 Census of Agriculture or the NACS, NASS encourages them to sign up to be counted at All information reported by individuals will be kept confidential, as required by federal law. For more information about the NACS, visit For assistance with the survey, call 888-424-7828.